Welcome to Cancer Counselling Professionals

Cancer Counselling Professionals is an association of Counsellors, Therapists, Psychologists and Social Workers who seek to ease the emotional burden that cancer brings to the patient, their families and carers.
In addition to face to face counselling, our members are also available to work with clients nationally through Zoom and by phone.

About Us

A diagnosis of cancer is a devastating experience for most people. At times you may feel as if you are riding an emotional roller coaster. The best place to start is to seek support by talking to close family or friends. Sometimes talking of your distress to those close to you can be difficult and painful. It can help to talk to someone from outside of that circle who has been trained to listen and help you explore your feelings and assist you through your struggles.

At Cancer Counselling Professionals, we seek to assist you and those near you through providing access to resources and access to counsellors who understand cancer and the impact that has on the sufferer and those around them.

What we do

  • >  Provide access to accredited counsellors who have psycho-oncology training and experience.

  • >  Provide access to literature on cancer and its emotional implications for all those affected by it.

  • >  Provide links to other resources on the web including support groups.

  • >  A key purpose is also to help those with financial constraints to schemes that can assist access to our services.

Find a Counsellor

Counselling services may be delivered in a number of ways:

  • Most commonly counselling is provided face to face.

  • Telephone counselling is useful when you are in a remote location or you are confined to home.

  • In special cases home visits may be possible.


When you are first diagnosed, try out the resources found at these places:

Cancer Council NSW - Cancer Information

Macmillan Cancer Support – Cancer Information

We have compiled a list of useful resources to help you understand cancer and its impact to those affected by cancer, see below.


We seek to ease the emotional burden of cancer by providing those affected by cancer with access to professional counsellors who understand cancer and its impact on the sufferer and those around them.

Your donations will help subsidise the cost of delivering these important and needed services.

Thank you for your support!

Cancer Counselling Professionals